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Voice Biometrics boutique technology vendor applying high ranking physics Ph.D. knowledge and award wining engineering expertise to bring the benefits of compelling new Passive Voice Authentication technology to the contact center market. We save you time, money and customer frustration.


Patent and software license for non-intrusive or Passive Voice Authentication.  Our advanced biometrics product can be easily integrated into the voice channel of your customer service center to bring both convenience and security and save operational costs. It makes customer interactions quicker, easier and more secure. Both service providers and end users love the results. 


Our advanced Passive Voice Authentication technology verifies the voice of the caller unobtrusively during the first few seconds of his/her interaction with a call center agent or an IVR system. No need for PIN’s, passwords and security questions! Result: operational savings and increased customer acceptance.


... customers using their voices to gain access to their accounts is an easy and natural process...

... the first point of contact with our bank must be enjoyabe and hassle-free...we need positive authentication experience...

Eliminating PIN's, password phrases or cumbersome security questions will be the right way to combat customer frustration and help with CRM automation. For the first time, a radical solution is now available with the introduction of an emerging new technology called Passive Voice AuthenticationIt samples the voice of the caller unobtrusively during a telephone call while he/she is talking to an agent or an IVR system and authenticates his/her identity in real time.  

Currently, variations of this voice biometric approach are being introduced and tested in only a handful of banks in Europe, Canada and Mexico. It is amazing how quickly the technology is gaining acceptance. The end users love it, the contact center managers too. It saves time, money and customer frustration. Thanks to this innovation, in the next few years the Voice Biometric industry is projected to enjoy an exponential growth. 

VoiceID Systems LLC, is a pioneer in the field. We hold the patent for non-intrusive Passive Voice Authentication in the cloud, i.e. in VoIP environment. And we offer the software that brings this advanced voice biometrics technology to your contact center – easy integration with amazing commercial results!

Your phone - your wallet

 VoiceID Systems, LLC delivers

Novel Telephony Applications

with Advanced Voice Biometrics!