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cloud Cloud-based demo: 1-619-780-2896

Our Advanced Biometrics technology can be tested within the Twilio VoIP network. 

 This is the first cloud-based Passive Voice Authentication for contact-center security!


 Within the Twilio VoIP network a range a novel multimodal voice-enabled  applications can be built using our technology and patent.

The caller can say anything, greet the agent, explain the reason for the call, even read the news paper. In this demo, the verification result is conveyed back through TWO different channels: played back to the user over the telephone and simultaneously displayed on the agent's screen over the Internet. A text message with the result can also be sent to notify a security breach.

List of random phrases for Enrollment or Verification:

"The government triumphed four years ago and we have every reason to believe that it will triumph again after the elections next year."

"The opposition claims that the present government policy is injurious to the nation's well-being, but it will be hard to introduce changes."

"The Olympic torch shines as a symbol of hope, which makes people all around the world happy."

"The price range was smaller than anyone expected, but that was not the only reason why people were not willing to invest in the bond market last year."

"I know many people who practice different types of yoga purely for health reasons, not for the fulfillment of their spiritual needs." 

"They launched into battle with all the forces they could muster, but were outnumbered by the well trained enemy troops." 

 "Sometimes it is really difficult to make a choice between two equally good alternatives that solve the same mathematical problem. " 


"The world is becoming increasingly dangerous, but hardly anyone cares, because all newspapers spin out the same ideological truth."


"He clenched his fist and hammered it against the wall with a resounding smack of authority, but nobody paid attention to his outburst."