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VoiceID Systems Value Proposition

Voice Biometrics has been available for a long time, but its commercial deployment has not taken off as many expected. Why is that? The voice is an intrinsic, natural means of communication during a telephone call. It does not require extra hardware, such as fingerprint reader, camera for face recognition or an iris scan, to be captured. Yet those other biometric systems have been more widely deployed to secure identity checks. 

Speech processing has matured to the level of the other techniques used for fingerprints, face and iris. We are enjoying well performing speech recognition on our smart phones, in our cars and when interacting with customer service IVR systems. But we are not happy to spend extra time speaking password phrases, entering PINs or answering additional security questions when the voice verification doesn't quite work.

Low customer acceptance and the need for extra agent’s time to support voice biometrics have been a difficult impediment to overcome with the traditional "Active", or Prompted Voice Verification approach.

The VoiceID Systems Advanced Biometrics is different. Our Passive Voice Authentication is cutting edge technology. It uses the latest theoretical advances in field of voice biometrics – the algorithms come from a Physics PH.D. It solves the problem in a radical, new, revolutionary way. That is why it can be implemented real-time, while the caller is on the phone using the service, without disruption, without inconvenience, without time wasted to speak unnecessary pass phrases. It works on the fly, easy. And it is patented.

...the technical field of the invention relates to a method and apparatus for implementing automatic speaker verification...   ... some of these novel applications include verifying the voice of the user while he is having a VoIP telephone conversation...  ... a method known as "Non-intrusive Verification"...

 US Patent: "Apparatus and Method for Implementing Voice Enabled Applications in a Converged Voice and Data Network Environment"  





VoiceID EER curve




 VoiceID Systems, LLC 

ipodmanyhas been evaluated by a major European telephone company with close to 800 speakers in a real-life experiment, foreign language, digits strings, diverse recording conditions.  

The ERR rate came down to 4.2% with our latest technology modules and more training data, 10 sec. speech samples. 

(Their report is availlable upon request.)


Your phone - your wallet VoiceID Systems, LLC delivers

High Verification Accuracy

with Patented Voice Biometrics!