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We specialize in Passive Voice Authentication also known as 

Speech wave

Continuous Speech Voice Verification

Our Advanced Biometrics product is state-of-the art software. It processes the voice of the caller unobtrusively during the course of a telephone interaction with an IVR system or a call agent. The true identity is confirmed in real time without adding delays and causing inconvenience to the caller who can speak in any language and say anything. All that is needed is a short, 10-15 seconds, sample of his / her voice.  

This universal Text-Independent feature is a key competitive advantage of our Advanced Voice Biometrics package. This type of biometrics is hard to do in real-time with high verification accuracy. Our technology delivers the latest, most advanced statistical methods for voice modeling and authentication. The Text – Independent characteristics combined with exceptionally effective, optimized, real-time performance and proven high verification accuracy make VoiceID biometric technology one of the best commercial choices available for the modern day customer service call center.

Our standard two layer API is well documented and flexible. The software libraries are designed to be easily integrated. They have the potential to deliver a range of novel biometric applications to modernize your contact center and delight your customers.

The first one, a patented multimodal speech enabled self-service voice security application in the VoIP cloud will be available soon.  

Consumers seek a few fundamental things when it comes to adopting new products & services

  • added value;
  • convenience;
  • simplicity.


Your phone - your wallet

 VoiceID Systems, LLC

Offers a Novel Approach

 Passive Voice Authentication!



Our PRODUCT – Linux Libraries with API integration – and our support SERVICES have been successfully used to deploy the first Advanced Biometric Novel Voice Security applications both in the cloud and as a hosted solution.


The VoiceID Advanced Biometrics Technology has been integrated   within the Twilio VoIP telephony network in the cloud and is ready to provide enhanced voice security to their cloud call center partners. 


The VoiceID API and libraries have been successfully integrated on the Aumtech Telecom Services Platform and are available as a hosted solution to traditional telephony applications providers.


The VoiceID biometric technology can be ported on a smart phone or a tablet.